Collective Settling

While on vacation, Amy convinced me to do my normal exercising and forget about reaching my 750 calorie goal, which, because of previous laziness, would have required extra effort. She said I needed to relax and enjoy vacation. I gave her crap because she’s equally as obsessive as I am, but she was right. We […]

Editor’s Note–TFF Issue 24

My favorite whiteboard quotes and commentary for this year (reverse chronology, intentional; dates, from when I first saw a quote, not necessarily when it was published): 12/27/19



It Would Break Me

In the weeks leading up to our three-week vacation, I asked Will if he was sure he didn’t want to do double school, reminding him that if he did, he would get six weeks off once we returned. He said he was sure. “It would break me,” he said. Teenage melodrama, meet your match. Will […]

Karmic Target

Why do retail workers immediately go on the defensive when something goes wrong during a transaction? If my card is declined or an item rings up wrong, it’s as if they feel I’m one second away from pulling out a gun and shooting them in the head. Many times, I feel like I am one […]