Stupid Musical Interlude

The book I’ve been listening to–Agincourt, by Bernard Cornwell, about Henry V and his fight to claim his right, in his opinion, to the throne of France–plays a stupid musical interlude after every chapter. This interlude lasts for 15-30 seconds, only at the tail end of which does the narrator start up again. The book […]

Appellant Class of Snarky Zen

Chatting with Verizon reps is like talking to someone with a traumatic brain injury and short-term memory loss. You can have credits; you cannot have credits; you can have credits; you cannot have credits. The promotions honoring/denying gauntlet feels like riding a wheel spinning at a velocity high enough to separate bone from muscle, the […]

As for Me and My Horse

My father-in-law, Tim, created a piece of string art years ago that hangs on a wall in my wife’s old room. In addition to the geometric shapes created from stretched strings secured by crafting nails, the piece presents a secondary use for said crafting nails: a Biblical saying (Joshua 24:15), formed from bunching the crafting […]