Subconscious Ozzy

When all five of us are in the car, the radio is tuned to either 92.3 KGON classic rock or 89.9 KQAC classical. In addition to playing awesome music, these stations give me a chance to put a new spin on yoga relaxation. We listen to the soothing tones of an orchestral interlude, take it […]

Actively Shopping

The Gresham Goodwill off Burnside has a sign in its parking lot that says you


When England battled France in the 1400s for control of the French throne, the French had a grisly way of celebrating their victories. The English were renowned for their archers, both their numbers and their abilities. To denigrate this, after the French won a battle, they would cut off English archers’ fingers, and a few […]

A Barrel of Jesus


Review–Don’t Shake Your Miracle

Ben Rosenfeld brought many talents with him when he emigrated from Russia to the United States as a boy. One of those was a talent for academics. Ben was once accepted into a PhD program, but he had the good sense to give up the unstable career of academia for the solid financial underpinning of […]

Farmstyle Immunizations

At various times, we’ve observed my mom cutting raw chicken with her bare hands, drying said hands on a dishtowel, putting the dishtowel back, and continuing on with her day–no soap involved. Despite this questionably unsanitary culinary preparation practice, my parents are rarely sick. This laissez-faire approach to health had me wondering: with what other […]