Editor’s Note–TFF Isssue 25

This is the last time I

Social Distancing Enforcement

Unless you are a mole person, living in a bunker, without television, radio, or internet access because you feared a pandemic and its propaganda machine (kudos to you, by the way, for being forward-thinking), you


Most restaurants in the Portland metro have shut their doors because of COVID-19. Those that remain have cut back on service. Some have laid off staff entirely and have expressed no plans to reopen.  To prevent this cannibalization of the daily lunch fare, I suggest we take a page from the federal and state playbooks […]


Ella and I were talking about when I saved Anna, my oldest daughter, two-years-old at the time in 2009, from entanglement with the pull-string on the mini-blinds and when I did a one-arm-out-the-corner-of-my-eye save of a friend

Channeling Pesci

My youngest daughter, Ella, wrote a series of stories called The Witch