Crackling Options

While on a walk yesterday on the bike path, Amy asked me if I could hear the overhead powerlines crackling. I couldn’t at first. Then I folded up one flap on my bright orange Carhartt winter fleece hat. (Yes, I’m a wuss. Even in April, it’s bone-chilling cold in the Pacific Northwest. The water molecules […]

Destroying to Dream

Will was crushing dandelion heads with his hand, acting like a titan destroying cities and skyscrapers. This calls for bad poetry to go on the prowl again. On a day with sun, on a day with pride What’s better for a boy to do? Read books, need books? Or come outside with you? With you, […]

Basic Taunting

We ordered circle batteries for our scale from Amazon Basics. The packaging warns you to keep these batteries out of the reach of children due to the batteries’ choking hazard size. The front of the packaging, however, takes keeping away a step further and depicts an adult silhouette figure holding something just out of reach […]