Better Welts

I got several striped welts on my outer forearms from trimming weeds, this from a combination of lack of protective arm coverings and the tendency for my high-velocity spinning trimmer head to assist pebbles to self-actualize their ordinance-in-David

Coroner Trucking

Dale walked along the side of his rig, his steel-toed boots crunching through the gravel (a weighty trade from the Nike joggers he

Precision Fire Breath

Rodgers: Johnson, we need to talk about the pigeon problem on our transmission lines. Johnson: Agreed, sir. Though, which problem? Acidic breakdown of the wire sheath from the pigeons

Graffiti Defense System

We live in Gresham, OR. While walking on the bike path next to our home and toward the creatively named Gresham Food Carts, I noticed an unusual industrial paint job. The back of a warehouse had been painted brown halfway up, terminating in a flat line transition to grayish, beige-ish concrete about nine feet up.  […]

Richard Mixin’

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