Editor’s Note–TFF Issue 26

My fourteen-year-old son, Will, and I have been watching the SAW movies. What started out as a goal to build his horror movie collection has become regular father-son time on Saturday nights in our home. Arterial blood spray, innovative uses of power tools, finding new ways to make my muscles involuntarily contract—it seems there’s no […]


The options for sandwich bookends run long. You’ve got your marble rye, sourdough, standard white (if you have little imagination), Canadian white (if you like to munch your sandwich and add an ascending lilt to the end of every complete thought), potato, French, brioche (useful if you can’t get the wife to sign off on […]

Obey Me

Last month, I spent over 10 hours on my off-Friday trying to delete my old website and blog and reinstall new copies. The Yahoo online website management tools stubbornly refused to obey. Example: I pressed delete on the index file for my blog, and a message popped up that said it could not be deleted. […]

Wild Coyote Chili

Amy and Ella, in full snob mode, were complaining about the canned chili we were eating. The chili was the last of the stock of canned soups we had purchased at the start of the COVID food shortage scare. I told them, “You guys are acting like you’re refugees who had to kill a wild […]

Survive Your Family

Our family has gotten into Jackbox Games, a collection of party games hosted through an internet-connected TV and played through devices, which substitute for game pieces, cards, whiteboards, scratch pads, etc. We’re still huge fans of traditional board games like Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne, as in those that require the razing of trees, the […]