Editor’s Note–TFF Issue 28

Root cause analysis is important. Years ago, I owned a Chevy S-10 pickup truck. It had a rotted tailgate; it shifted like I was trying to push a toothpick through modeling clay; and it would occasionally send perfume bursts of gasoline fumes into the cab when the fuel injectors malfunctioned. But I thought it was […]

The Etymology of Suck

I asked Amy if she thought our old Dyson vacuum sucked better or worse than it used to. A word tornado ensued that went something like this: Amy: Sucked worse? You mean it got worse at sucking. Does not suck as much dirt? Seth: I mean compared with how it sucked before, how does it […]


The options for sandwich bookends run long. You’ve got your marble rye, sourdough, standard white (if you have little imagination), Canadian white (if you like to munch your sandwich and add an ascending lilt to the end of every complete thought), potato, French, brioche (useful if you can’t get the wife to sign off on […]