Covid Couture

Levi Strauss sales are down 62%, according to The Economist. Watch out, New York runways. The flannel phalanx of baggy couture is coming. How do we know this? We sat down with a leading fashion house in New York City and another in Paris (airline tickets being uber cheap these days. So nice to stretch […]

Wild Coyote Chili

Amy and Ella, in full snob mode, were complaining about the canned chili we were eating. The chili was the last of the stock of canned soups we had purchased at the start of the COVID food shortage scare. I told them, “You guys are acting like you’re refugees who had to kill a wild […]

Precision Fire Breath

Rodgers: Johnson, we need to talk about the pigeon problem on our transmission lines. Johnson: Agreed, sir. Though, which problem? Acidic breakdown of the wire sheath from the pigeons’ shit or the cooing chorus that’s causing the neighbors to complain? Rodgers: First one. These are the same people who grew up on Brittney Spears and […]