The Curious Case of Brownie the Flying Cat

Anna was tracking a stray, brown cat that we saw through the back door. Then its paw prints suddenly disappeared. I wondered what happened. Rather than investigate, I chose to fictionalize where Brownie ended up. Spoiler alert: he’s okay, but he did have a rough go of it for a while. * * * Brownie […]

Dr. Rocks Off

A buddy of mine said the doctor who performed his vasectomy was named Dr. Rocks Off. Probably not how his name was spelled, but that’s what I heard, and it got me thinking. Somewhere, there’s a real Dr. Rocks Off, who casts aside traditions of modesty like garbage on the side of the highway, all […]

A Barrel of Jesus

We’ve been attending different churches lately, trying to find one where we aren’t in a consistent holding pattern waiting for the preacher to drop his or her next insult. Although it did make for a certain entertaining, countdown gameshow-like atmosphere, that’s not what I’m looking for when I visit a house of God. One of […]