Fractional Addiction

I remembered a dream, in which I was interviewing for a promotion. At one point, I looked down and noticed I was wearing athletic shorts and a wife-beater, but no one on the panel seemed to notice. Things took an even stranger turn when one of the panelists, a female colleague, started asking me horse-related […]

Impersonation of a Wife

I forgot my wallet today when we drove the kids to the park, but Amy remembered hers. I asked her if she thought I could pass as her if we got pulled over. She said no chance. You can’t get any support from anybody these days. My wife promised to be by my side through […]

Little Meth Lab on the Back 40

I could get offended. I was born in Iowa. My family still lives in Iowa. Iowa has a huge tech presence in Des Moines. Outsiders who’ve never visited are generally ignorant about how modern Iowa is. But mainstream Iowa doesn’t make the humor ground fertile. So instead of getting offended, I’m going to get funny. […]