Higher Thievery

An article from the QC Times described a thief who had been arrested for robbing the Dollar Tree. If you’re going to rob a store, why the Dollar Tree? Your resale value for Dollar Tree stolen merchandise is crap. If all the merchandise had been sold, and the proceeds were sitting in one register, you […]

Richard Mixin’

Ella said “Richard Mixin’” during Apples to Apples instead of “Nixon,” misreading the name on the card. If only Tricky Dick had taken up baking instead of taping. The presidency turns for a lack of a baked confectionery. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that sugar isn’t serious business.  I don’t recall ever having read […]

Little Meth Lab on the Back 40

I could get offended. I was born in Iowa. My family still lives in Iowa. Iowa has a huge tech presence in Des Moines. Outsiders who’ve never visited are generally ignorant about how modern Iowa is. But mainstream Iowa doesn’t make the humor ground fertile. So instead of getting offended, I’m going to get funny. […]